How To Grow Avocado From Seed


How To Grow Avocado From Seed in a pot usually can be done in either two methods: water planting method or dirt method. Follow these steps to guide you in growing your own avocado tree.

How To Grow Avocado

If you really love eating avocado or make avocado dip or guacamole, knowing how to grow avocado will make a great knowledge and allow you to do a truly great and fun gardening work. As for today, we will share the steps required on how to grow avocado seeds into avocado trees. Luckily, how to grow avocado tree is not difficult thing to do, especially since you can grow from the pits or stones, even though this indeed will take a while for the stone to grow into an avocado tree.

When it comes to how to grow avocado fruit, there are two ways you can do to start out the seeds. First is to perch the avocado seed over a cup of water, which we also call as a water method. Second is to start out the avocado seed in soil or dirt, which will grow the tree faster compared to what the water method can do. For this project, you will need avocado seeds that have been rinsed from the last avocado meal you had, jars and toothpicks for the water method, and gravel, dirt, trays, pots, or garden space.

Let’s start from how to grow avocado via water planting. Once you are sure the stone is free from avocado flesh, you can start starting out the seed. For the toothpick method, stick 3 toothpicks on the side of your seed, around halfway down. You will want half of your avocado under water. Set it on the lip of a jar or glass and then fill it up. The fat end is the “bottom”. Well, it’s easy enough, isn’t it? Refill the water once it evaporates, then keep the avocadoes outside or in the bright window. From a few days to few months, the seeds will start to sprout after anywhere. Once the roots start to fill the jar or glass, transfer the whole deal into a pot carefully.

Meanwhile, the dirt method is just as simple. If you try how to grow avocado using a pot, then put some pebbles or a little gravel on the bottom to provide a proper drainage. Remember that avocadoes do love water, but they do not like the soggy soil. Once you are done, leave the top of the seed only a little above the prepared soil.

Regardless of which planting method you choose, your avocado plant soon enough will be sprouting. As we have mentioned earlier, remember to move the baby avocado plant once the roots began to fill the jar or glass you use to plant them into a pot if you decide to take the water planting method.

Once the plants are a little bit older, you will notice the changes. Usually, you will find the different sets or leaves begin to develop. When your avocado plants grow, people will often recommend you to prune the top bunch off for a bushier looking plant. But keep in mind that if you decide to keep the plant inside your house (yes, avocado plants can make a great choice of houseplant too!), you will want to keep the size reasonable as you prune it so you can have the more attractive plant to display in the room.

And without a doubt, your avocado trees will grow bigger, so they should be no longer kept inside the little pot. Once you notice the changes in size, make sure you move the plants into the bigger pots carefully and as soon as possible. With bigger pots, it is important for the growth of your plant as well as the appearance of your avocado tree itself, especially as you grow yours indoors to serve as decoration for your home interior. However, be sure that you also prepare the bigger pots accordingly.

Last but not least, avocado trees need good watering. However, it does not like to be watered only small amounts every day. The best way is to soak the soil thoroughly, and then water the plant again only when it starts to dry. Even though it usually will take a few years for the trees to produce fruit (and if they ever do, though), we wish you luck on planting your own avocado!